Settings Class


This public class contains instance specific settings for alphaTab
Base Types
  • object
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public class Settings


Name Value Summary
BeatCursorWidth int
Defaults Settings
Gets the default settings.
DisableLazyLoading bool
DisplayMode DisplayMode
Gets or sets the mode to use for display and play music notation elements.
DisplayTranspositionPitches int[]
The transposition pitch offsets for the individual tracks. They apply to rendering only.
EnableCursor bool
EnablePlayer bool
EnableSeekByClick bool
Engine string
The engine which should be used to render the the tablature.
  • default - Platform specific default engine
  • html5 - HTML5 Canvas
  • svg - SVG
ExtendBendArrowsOnTiedNotes bool
If set to true bend arrows expand to the end of the last tied note of the string. Otherwise they end on the next beat.
ExtendLineEffectsToBeatEnd bool
If set to true, line effects (like w/bar, let-ring etc) are drawn until the end of the beat instead of the start.
FingeringMode FingeringMode
Gets or sets the fingering mode to use.
FontDirectory string
ForcePianoFingering bool
Forces the fingering rendering to use always the piano finger stýle where fingers are rendered as 1-5 instead of p,i,m,a,c and T,1,2,3,4.
ImporterSettings FastDictionary<TKey, TValue>
Specific settings for importers. Keys are specific for the importers. General
  • encoding - The text encoding to use when decoding strings (string, default:utf-8)
  • musicxmlMergePartGroups - If part-groups should be merged into a single track (boolean, default:false)
IncludeNoteBounds bool
Gets or sets whether in the BoundsLookup also the position and area of each individual note is provided.
Layout LayoutSettings
The layout specific settings
LogLevel LogLevel
The log level to use within alphaTab
Scale float
Sets the zoom level of the rendered notation
ScriptFile string
ScrollElement string
ScrollMode string
ScrollOffsetX int
ScrollOffsetY int
ScrollSpeed int
ShowParenthesisForTiedBends bool
If set to true the note heads on tied notes will have parenthesis if they are preceeded by bends.
ShowTabNoteOnTiedBend bool
If set to true a tab number will be shown in case a bend is increased on a tied note.
ShowZeroOnDiveWhammy bool
If set to true, 0 is shown on dive whammy bars.
SlurHeightFactor float
Gets or sets the height factor for slurs. The factor is multiplied with the distance between slur start and end.
SmallGraceTabNotes bool
If set to true the guitar tabs on grace beats are rendered smaller.
SongBook Settings
Gets the default settings for the songbook display mode.
SongBookBendDuration int
Gets or sets the bend duration in milliseconds for songbook bends.
SongBookDipDuration int
Gets or sets the duration of whammy dips in milliseconds for songbook whammys.
SoundFontFile string
Staves StaveSettings
The staves that should be shown in the music sheet. This is one of the profiles registered in the AlphaTab.Environment.StaveProfiles
StretchForce float
The default stretch force to use for layouting.
TranspositionPitches int[]
The transposition pitch offsets for the individual tracks. They apply to rendering and playback.
UseWebWorker bool
Vibrato VibratoPlaybackSettings
Gets or sets the settings on how the vibrato audio is generated.
Width int
The initial size of the canvas during loading or the width for particular layouts (e.g. page layout).