ScoreRenderer Class


This is the main wrapper of the rendering engine which can render a single track of a score object into a notation sheet.
Base Types
  • object
graph TD Base0["object"]-->Type Interface0["IScoreRenderer"]-.->Type click Interface0 "/master/api/AlphaTab.Rendering/IScoreRenderer" Type["ScoreRenderer"] class Type type-node


public class ScoreRenderer : IScoreRenderer



Name Type Summary
Error Action<T1, T2>
Occurs whenever an error happens.
PartialRenderFinished Action<T>
Occurs whenever a part of the whole music sheet is rendered and can be displayed.
PostRenderFinished Action
Occurs when the whole rendering and layout process finished.
PreRender Action<T>
Occurs before the rendering of the tracks starts.
RenderFinished Action<T>
Occurs after the rendering of the tracks finished.


Name Value Summary
BoundsLookup BoundsLookup
Gets or sets the lookup which allows fast access to beats at a given position.


Name Value Summary
Destroy() void
Destroys the renderer.
Invalidate() void
Invalidates the drawn music sheet and initiates a redraw.
OnError(string, Exception) void
OnPartialRenderFinished(RenderFinishedEventArgs) void
OnPostRender() void
OnPreRender() void
OnRenderFinished() void
Render(Score, int[]) void
Initiates the rendering of the specified tracks of the given score.
RenderTracks(Track[]) void
Resize(int) void
Triggers a relayout to the given size including redrawing.
UpdateSettings(Settings) void
Updates the settings to the given object.