Track Class


This public class describes a single track or instrument of score. It is bascially a list of staffs containing individual music notation kinds.
Base Types
  • object
graph TD Base0["object"]-->Type Type["Track"] class Type type-node


public class Track


Name Summary
Track(int) Initializes a new instance of the Track class.


Name Value Summary
Color Color
Gets or sets the display color defined for this track.
Index int
Gets or sets the zero-based index of this track.
Name string
Gets or sets the long name of this track.
PlaybackInfo PlaybackInformation
Gets or sets the playback information for this track.
Score Score
Gets or sets the reference this track belongs to.
ShortName string
Gets or sets the short name of this track.
Staves FastList<T>
Gets or sets the list of staffs that are defined for this track.