Score Class


The score is the root node of the complete model. It stores the basic information of a song and stores the sub components.
Base Types
  • object
graph TD Base0["object"]-->Type Type["Score"] class Type type-node


public class Score


Name Summary
Score() Initializes a new instance of the Score class.


Name Value Summary
Album string
The album of this song.
Artist string
The artist who performs this song.
Copyright string
The owner of the copyright of this song.
Instructions string
Additional instructions
MasterBars FastList<T>
Gets or sets a list of all masterbars contained in this song.
Music string
The author of the music.
Notices string
Some additional notes about the song.
Stylesheet RenderStylesheet
Gets or sets the rendering stylesheet for this song.
SubTitle string
The subtitle of the song.
Tab string
The author of this tablature.
Tempo int
Gets or sets the global tempo of the song in BPM. The tempo might change via TempoAutomation.
TempoLabel string
Gets or sets the name/label of the tempo.
Title string
The title of the song.
Tracks FastList<T>
Gets or sets a list of all tracks contained in this song.
Words string
The author of the song lyrics