Bar Class


A bar is a single block within a track, also known as Measure.
Base Types
  • object
graph TD Base0["object"]-->Type Type["Bar"] class Type type-node


public class Bar


Name Summary
Bar() Initializes a new instance of the Bar class.


Name Value Summary
Clef Clef
Gets or sets the clef on this bar.
ClefOttava Ottavia
Gets or sets the ottava applied to the clef.
Id int
Gets or sets the unique id of this bar.
Index int
Gets or sets the zero-based index of this bar within the staff.
IsEmpty bool
Gets a value indicating whether all voices in this bar are empty and therefore the whole bar is empty.
MasterBar MasterBar
Gets the masterbar for this bar.
NextBar Bar
Gets or sets the next bar that comes after this bar.
PreviousBar Bar
Gets or sets the previous bar that comes before this bar.
SimileMark SimileMark
Gets or sets the simile mark on this bar.
Staff Staff
Gets or sets the reference to the parent staff.
Voices FastList<T>
Gets or sets the list of voices contained in this bar.