AlphaTab.Model Namespace

Enum Types

Enum Summary
AccentuationType Lists all types of note acceuntations
AccidentalType Defines all possible accidentals for notes.
AutomationType This public enumeration lists all types of automations.
BendStyle Lists the different bend styles
BendType Lists all types of bends
BrushType Lists all types of how to brush multiple notes on a beat.
Clef This public enumeration lists all supported Clefs.
CrescendoType Lists all Crescendo and Decrescendo types.
Duration Lists all durations of a beat.
DynamicValue Lists all dynamics.
FermataType Lists all types of fermatas
Fingers Lists all fingers.
GraceType Lists all types of grace notes
HarmonicType Lists all harmonic types.
KeySignature This public enumeration lists all available key signatures
KeySignatureType This public enumeration lists all available types of KeySignatures
NoteAccidentalMode Lists the modes how accidentals are handled for notes
Ottavia Lists all ottavia.
PickStroke Lists all types of pick strokes.
SimileMark Lists all simile mark types as they are assigned to bars.
SlideType This public enum lists all different types of finger slides on a string.
StaffKind Represents the different kinds of staffs.
TripletFeel This public enumeration lists all feels of triplets.
VibratoType This public enum lists all vibrato types that can be performed.
WhammyType Lists all types of whammy bars

Class Types

Class Summary
Automation Automations are used to change the behaviour of a song.
Bar A bar is a single block within a track, also known as Measure.
Beat A beat is a single block within a bar. A beat is a combination of several notes played at the same time.
BendPoint A single point of a bending graph. Used to describe WhammyBar and String Bending effects.
Chord A chord definition.
Fermata Represents a fermata.
Lyrics Represents the lyrics of a song.
MasterBar The MasterBar stores information about a bar which affects all tracks.
Note A note is a single played sound on a fretted instrument. It consists of a fret offset and a string on which the note is played on. It also can be modified by a lot of different effects.
PlaybackInformation This public class stores the midi specific information of a track needed for playback.
RenderStylesheet This class represents the rendering stylesheet. It contains settings which control the display of the score when rendered.
RepeatGroup This public class can store the information about a group of measures which are repeated
Score The score is the root node of the complete model. It stores the basic information of a song and stores the sub components.
Section This public class is used to describe the beginning of a section within a song. It acts like a marker.
Staff This class describes a single staff within a track. There are instruments like pianos where a single track can contain multiple staffs.
Track This public class describes a single track or instrument of score. It is bascially a list of staffs containing individual music notation kinds.
Tuning This public class represents a predefined string tuning.
Voice A voice represents a group of beats that can be played during a bar.