MasterBarTickLookup Class


Represents the time period, for which all bars of a MasterBar are played.
Base Types
  • object
graph TD Base0["object"]-->Type Type["MasterBarTickLookup"] class Type type-node


public class MasterBarTickLookup


Name Summary
MasterBarTickLookup() Initializes a new instance of the MasterBarTickLookup class.


Name Value Summary
Beats FastList<T>
Gets or sets the list of BeatTickLookup object which define the durations for all Beats played within the period of this MasterBar.
End int
Gets or sets the end time in midi ticks at which the MasterBar is played.
MasterBar MasterBar
Gets or sets the MasterBar which is played.
NextMasterBar MasterBarTickLookup
Gets or sets the MasterBarTickLookup of the next masterbar in the Score
Start int
Gets or sets the start time in midi ticks at which the MasterBar is played.
Tempo int
Gets or sets the current tempo when the MasterBar is played.


Name Value Summary
AddBeat(BeatTickLookup) void
Adds a new BeatTickLookup to the list of played beats during this MasterBar period.
Finish() void
Performs the neccessary finalization steps after all information was written.