ISynthOutput Interface


This is the base interface for output devices which can request and playback audio samples.
graph TD Type["ISynthOutput"] class Type type-node


public interface ISynthOutput


Name Type Summary
Finished Action
Fired when the last samples after calling SequencerFinished have been played.
Ready Action
Fired when the output has been successfully opened and is ready to play samples.
SampleRequest Action
Fired when the output needs more samples to be played.
SamplesPlayed Action<T>
Fired when a certain number of samples have been played.


Name Value Summary
SampleRate int
Gets the sample rate required by the output.


Name Value Summary
AddSamples(SampleArray) void
Called when samples have been synthesized and should be added to the playback buffer.
Open() void
Called when the output should be opened.
Pause() void
Called when the output should stop the playback.
Play() void
Called when the output should start the playback.
ResetSamples() void
Called when the samples in the output buffer should be reset. This is neeed for instance when seeking to another position.
SequencerFinished() void
Called when the sequencer finished the playback. This tells the output not to request any samples anymore after the existing buffers are finished.